2019 Memory Verse CD

This year's project is an audio version of all 85 memory verses from Hebrews, 1st Peter & 2nd Peter. Verses are taken from the most recent NIV translation of the Bible and are set to unique tunes. 


Please know that our tracks are completely acapella. This is intentional. We want these tracks to be something that teens can recreate on their own in 30 seconds at a quiz meet. 

We're excited to announce that this year, in addition to a physical copy of the CD, memory verse flashcards and quote cards will also be available for purchase!

Spanish Print Products


¡Este año hemos creado tarjetas de verso de memoria y tarjetas de cotización en español e inglés!

This year we've created Memory Verse Cards, and Quote Cards in both Spanish and English!


Although neither of us speak Spanish, we were able to pull directly from the most recent edition of the Nueva Versión Internacional (NIV), so we didn't do the translation work ourselves.

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