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Yearly Timeline


January - April

This is the part of the year where we file a lot of paperwork. We have to request permission from Biblica to use the NIV translation and we have to request advance notice of the upcoming quiz year's memory verse list. 

Sometimes we're waiting awhile for these steps to be completed on the other end of the internet. Once we get the memory verse list we start creating "rough drafts" of all of the songs. 



This is crunch time. We usually get together for 2-6 days and record the entire CD from beginning to end. We use our "rough drafts" as a baseline, but often we're having to do tweaks on the fly.


We record the CD straight through so we can hear how it sounds as a whole and also check to make sure we didn't use the same tune on more than one verse. We also record more than one take of each track...just in case.

After everything is recorded, Becky has to do the sound editing and Deborah gives the print resources a final look through before printing and cutting all the cards out.



We always aim for a mid-July release. Some years we have delays in production and we can't release material until early August. The goal though is always mid-July so that your orders have time to make it to you before the school/quiz year officially begins! 


The rest of the year for us is shipping out orders and getting feedback from all of you!


We've been asked if resources can be ready earlier in the summer. That isn't possible due to the timelines of the other companies we have to go through first. 

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