Matthew Memory Verse CD: Digital Version

Matthew Memory Verse CD: Digital Version


Ready to sing through the Gospel of Matthew? This Digital CD has all 90 verses ready if you are! Each track is set to a different tune, or jingle, that we created specifically for it. The track will take you through the reference and the verse itself in 30 seconds or less, so you'll have no problem beating the Quizmaster's clock! After going through the reference and verse, the track will repeat both so that you can get another practice round in.


All of the verses on this CD are word-perfect according to the NIV translation now used by the Church of the Nazarene. 

  • Pre-Order Information

    ***Please note!***

    During the month of July, we are accepting pre-orders only. Digital files are not currently available as we are still in the recording process. Digital copies of the Matthew Memory Verse CD will be sent to the provided email address in August upon completion of our recording and editing processes. 

    Thank you!